Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yoü And I

By reading the title I'm sure you know it is one of those posts where I go on and on about Gaga.
Her highly anticipated video just got released last night (she promised her 1000 tweet would be the link to video). You and I is one of my most favourite songs from Gaga (a close shave to Speechless). We knew she was shooting in Nebraska for the video and so I had anticipated a southern, homely, girl-next-door, trashy video matching to the lyrics of the song. Ofcourse I was way off. The video takes you to Creepsville! Mermaid-love-making, exorcist-lookalike-girl-running, making out with her-male-self, strapped-up Gaga in a barn with her lover.... So very Lady Gaga like. I love the wedding dress she wore even though it looked quite Japanese and not the kind a Nebraska girl would wear. Also love the Hussein Chalayan silver-liquid dresses that she wears while dancing in the corn fields with her girls. Oh And the 80s leather bandage 'Government hooker' look with flaming blue hair as well! Thank you Mr. Formichetti for the details on the fashion!

Love that she is going back to her past looks for reference. The make up was sorta minimal like in Alejandro, the hair in some scenes reminded of the Vanity Fair cover with flowey white hair and the drag Lady Gaga aka Jo Calderone who made his debut on the cover of Japanese Vogue Homme. 

images from LadyGaGaNow
fun Tumblr site of the song : Gonzalo


  1. Lovely post!
    Loved reading it!


  2. Wow! i can just stare at her all day!