Thursday, March 8, 2012

Off to Shillong

Aah when your travel dreams start coming true.!

Tomorrow will be leaving for Shillong, Meghalaya. One place in NE India I was super keen to visit. Shillong for the guide-book definition used to be called "Scotland of the East" by them Britishers. While I have no doubt the place will be breathtaking, I am quite excited to meet the people. Shillong is said to be a creative hub of young musicians and fashion conscious citizens. The reason for travel is the opening of a designer fashion store 'The Closet'. There will also be a fashion show with some current top Indian models walking for the event. When Fendi did a fashion show ON the Great Wall of China (Google it. Serious),  I so badly wanted to work on the event - not just from Delhi but being in Beijing as well. Ya, never happened of course. This might not be GWC, but Shillong in my opinion would be much more scenic and warm (climate+ people) to be at. 
Cherrapunji near Shillong

Will be posting images and reporting to you on this Shillong trip here on the blog and twitter
Do email me ( if you are in Shillong or if you think of any place in Shillong that is a must visit. 

Even better, come visit during the store launch on the 10th of March:

The Closet
St. Edmund's Road
Shillong - 793021
T: 3642585178

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  1. This seems beautiful, are you going to be doing a blog post about it soon? My partner's from Shillong, and from what I've heard about the place, it's gorgeous beyond measure. I hope you have a beautiful time!

    1. Thank you Miffalicious, I plan to do another or 2 posts on Shillong very soon :)
      Hope you get to visit there soon! Wish I couldve seen Cherrapunji too.. you must visit that.